Monday, 21 March 2016

unloving and being unloved

there is a coffee stain (from a previous date) on the heart
a cut that gets bigger and bigger after every wash
there is a memory that refuses to go away
but the details have been taken care of
why lie and say nothing has changed
you no longer fit like you used to
tearing at the corners from my skin
when did I get too much for you?

tuck me in and say goodnight (goodbye)
tuck me in and say goodbye (tell me to grow)
tuck me in, don't say a word
tuck me in and quietly go.


  1. Very beautiful words aakriti .
    Your all topic r very meaningful I'm not novel or poet guy but really start liking your blog , keep going
    Deepak Sharma

  2. Scars do heal, but what if they also seal. Steal away a part of a picture drawn so surreal. Wrought from steel those roses they wither, so what of the itch, does it come to heal or to make us feel?

    Thank you for this blog, thank you for sharing.

    Ruchir Agarwal