Wednesday, 16 March 2016

an ode to tinder

one corner of Mumbai is hot today, another lovely, another stuck in its room
the walls move from off-white to blue, and so many shades of old
jumping back and forth in seconds- from sheer honesty to pretense
i like my whiskey most days of the week, it makes me happy
i read and read and read till my eyes are sore, I’m boring
spot the truth, spot the lie, play hide and seek with words
i do not know the sound of your voice, the crack of your laugh
is their dishonesty in your eyes, comfort in your cheeks?
i do not know, do not tell me, please do not try

one heart feels empty today, another too full, one is missing
the messages move from long to short, to no words at all.

a game of match, unmatch, bye.

1 comment:

  1. And one found his way till here through tinder today :)