Thursday, 3 December 2015

To Heal a Broken Bird

Everything broken begs to be healed
Even as it tries to fly away
Spreading the wounds wide and open
Flapping the wings hard
Occasionally even trying to run

Everything broken wants to be healed
To find itself between the clasp of warm hands
A sabbatical in a new place
The only job to eat and drink and sleep
As the prickling medicine runs over the hurt
It will still try to break out
Banging it's head against the walls
And many failed escapes.

Everything broken needs to be healed
Even in the naivety of not knowing
How torn it is and where
It's obliviousness to the wound
Is but a sign of how much it hurts
To have been pushed into an unconscious
Too much to bear.

Everything broken has to be healed
Even when flying and dancing
Chirping away with the friends
As it sleeps in the night
Wanders during the day
There is a pain in the heart that never goes away.

Everything broken will be healed
It may say it doesn't want to
It may shake the floor in protest
It may poop all over, tired and scared
It may not touch a grain of rice
Or a drop of water
Even when it does
Not know any better.

1 comment:

  1. Trying to heal,
    Only holes in my whole,
    The will to survive.