Saturday, 4 July 2015

The first time your heart broke you realized
That something inside you actually hurts, the ‘break’ is not
Just a mere metaphor; And when it broke so many more
Times you started thinking that you were no
Longer a whole being but broken pieces floating in a
Complete-looking body; Each person came like a star in
The moonlit sky of your life, but each new one got duller
And so you’d cry, basking in the loneliness of your own
Moonlight; but you know, you shine, so don’t you ever
Fall in love with just a flashlight, and never let anyone tell
You to have just a bite, and never tell yourself that less is
Enough when you deserve more than you think you deserve;
So wait for everything you’ve always wanted, and I’ll pray
You get it (with a little bit more); till then listen to all the
Romantic songs you want, all the movies that give you hope,
And look at every passer-by asking yourself “Could this person
Be the one?”; give your heart one time, two times, too many times;
Don’t you ever stop being hopelessly romantic
One day you’ll find someone who looks at you like..
(yes, you’re right)
Like you’re magic.

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