Tuesday, 28 July 2015

I am alone

In the walk by the cars that shine their headlights
Throwing their glow at my entire body; in the sounds
Of the horns that pass, screaming for someone
To notice their cry; in the mist of the smoke; in the heat,
And the after-rain cold; in the fire of the sun; in a
Raincoat with drenched feet; and in the music
That is always there but never really there with me.

I am alone.

In my joys that I feel scared to share, sometimes
Because someone else seems to be having a bad
Day; sometimes in my sadness because who wants
To add to someone else’s tearful load; in
The petting of a beautiful brown eyed coffee-colored
Dog who needs me so badly sometimes that he makes
Me walk away; I wish he could learn to be alone.

I am alone.

In my body, my skin, my being; there is only
One heart that belongs to me and it is mine; there
Is only one soul pretending to be living so many lives,
Only one mind that walks in one direction, needing
One kind of songs, and one kind of poems, and one
Kind of friends, and one kind of love; alone in the
Shower making myself feel joy after a tiring day.

I am alone.

In life, and will be, in death. Taking with me my
Steps and my words that are shared honestly only
With a few, only a few times; everything else is just a
Murmur to escape the silence of how alone we all are
In our pretense of being together; hugging and kissing
And making love again and again, trying to run
Away from ever admitting to ourselves
We are alone.


  1. Look at all the people on the sidewalk in their raincoats and drenched feet and you'll know you're not alone.
    Share your joys to uplift them from their sorrows.
    Add your tears to theirs and they'll know they are not alone.
    Let your body, skin not contain your soul. Let it reach out to other souls and you'll know you're not alone.
    Open your eyes to those who share your kinda poems, your songs and tread along your path to know you're not alone.
    Share your true self with only those deserving few.
    Be together, hug, kiss and make love again and again until you know you're not alone

    1. :)

      Thank you for the perspective!


    2. That's it? No counter argument? I like you for that. :)

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