Thursday, 18 June 2015

The Death of a Tree

He died so young, they say; how unfortunate, they say;
Such a time consuming affair, the cars slow down in front
Of his open casket, paying homage, their cries sound like horns
And the sky weeps rain, and the wind runs wild
Offering comfort to the trees nearby, families and friends
Of the one who lost his life; he died so young, they say
Swept off by a storm, somebody needs to teach these kids
To stay strong, to keep their roots firm, to hold on to their ground;
The college students walk by, with him they shared the shade on a
Sunny day, the first kiss, the smoke of a cigarette, the weeping
On a call; the shower makes it hard to see their tears today;
He died so young, they say, but he smells like the first time
His leaves were born; he looks like he’s finally fallen asleep
After a tiring day at work; he died so young, they say
But I can’t stop thinking about the bird who lost its home
At such a young age.

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