Thursday, 4 June 2015

It is time to pack and say goodbye
But all I want to do is refill my now empty Almira
Back again, so I sit inside it
Trying to fill this hollowness I feel.

It is time to pack and say goodbye
But can there ever be enough bags
To record the magical laughter of the people I’ve met?
Of randomly opening up to complete strangers
As we sit and talk under the stars?
Can a bag ever hold all the warmth I’ve received
In libraries, while crossing paths, and during
Awkward bathroom conversations?
Who can ever express the feeling of being in love
With people, sometimes without
Even having spoken to them enough?

It is time to pack and say goodbye
And the fuller each bag looks
The emptier I get inside.

Is there a bag somewhere that has stored
All the hair I have given up,
All the inhibitions I’ve lost
All the fears that scare me no more?
Is there a bag with moments of songs
And crying, chocolates, and colorful festivals.

Where do all these go?
These magical moments
That vanish in the blink of an eye?
Who gets to keep this part of my life?

I remind myself that it is time to pack
And say goodbye
But there are still
So many hugs to give
How can I just say goodbye?

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  1. lovely post with beautiful thoughts.
    your most welcome to my blog.