Monday, 4 May 2015

Every time I want to tell you
The truth, you ask me
For a lie.

I want to say I did that because
I hated him in the moment and
Wanted nothing but revenge
Blood for blood
Pain for pain
Heart break for heart break
But what you want to hear
Is that it was a silly mistake
A misunderstanding
A miscommunication of words.

I want to tell you that I’m hurt
There is a needle in my heart
That pricks all day, I’m aware
Of it all the time, that
I don’t want to smile right now
Not today
But you ask for a smile
You want me to say
“I’m fine”

I want you to know that with
Him life is different now; we
Are on two unsimilar paths
And yes things were beautiful
When they were well
Now too much has changed
Including him and me
But you want to hear
That we will try
To be the same people again.

I want to tell you the truth
That sometimes forests burn
Flowers go dry; shores are
Washed away, roses prick; and
Crows are not secretly singing
profound songs; but all you want
Is to turn towards the sun
And close your eyes.

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