Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Every once in a while
I go about my day
Without wearing a bra
Beaming with joy
At this rarely felt freedom
Of fooling a tradition
I was taught to follow since eighth standard
When I learnt that
The blooming of my breasts
Is something to be hidden, tied
Lest they go wild
Lest they be wrongly eyed
Lest I enjoy the attention
Lest the girl loses her mind
Becomes a woman too soon.

But I am a woman now
I have already given away that
Which they fear
I will lose
I have let my head have
As less hair
As my soul could bare
And given my heart
To more (kinds of)
Men and women
Than my relatives would like.

I am woman now
I am no longer fooled
By fairytales
And the promises I’m offered
If I promise to behave
Their standards are a
Different type of ceiling
The kind that seems
Achievable at first
But keeps lifting
No matter how hard I try.

I am a woman now
And I have no intentions
To behave
To keep a glued smile
To be quiet
My bra will be there
But only when I will it to
I will be free.

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