Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Hush, dear child

Hush dear child, now please don’t speak
All these tales you make up, they’re worrying me
Your daddy is tired, your mamma had a long day
Please don’t frighten us with your scary tales
Yes we love you, of course we care
If he scares you, just stop going there
Hush, dear child, quiet for a while
Things will be better tomorrow, sleep, good night…

Hush dear child, what are these things you say
You’re at the school, not a place to play
Don’t ask those questions, what have you learnt at home
Good kids don’t talk like that, hush, no
These are dirty things you tell, go rinse your mouth
And don’t repeat them to your friends as you move about
Hush dear child, it’ll be fine when you grow
For now stay quiet, you don’t want the others to know…

Hush dear child, now please don’t cry
Your grandpa cares, but he doesn’t understand why
Why this is happening to you,
What is he supposed to do,
Stay close to home, next to ma and pa
Grandpa will make sure that uncle goes really far
Hush dear child, I promise to try
All will be well, just give me some time…

Speak dear child, oh please tell me
Who hurt you so bad? Why do you bleed?
Did you tell your parents, your teachers, some adult?
There must be someone you can trust in the world
Tell me what happened, why don’t you speak
You must be in pain, all those tears on your cheek
Say dear child, who did this to you
When did this happen, what did he do?

Hush, he said, don’t you shout or scream
We’ll play a secret game, just for you and me
You’re so special, much more than the other kids
I love you so much, that’s why I’m doing this
It’s nothing wrong, I’ll get you chocolates and sweets
It’ll hurt a little but please bear it for me
Hush, he said, don’t say a word
Hush, my story just wasn’t heard.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Falling in love with someone who is not thinking of you

Develop a new hate for technology, a pleasurable bitterness
because you want to but don’t want to know when he last came online
if he’s seen your messages, and how long ago
You wish there was no way of knowing, maybe it would make this easier;
Sit with your friends and pretend to care, but let your eye-balls roll
every second towards the door, keep checking if it’s him;
wander into conversations that have his name, or his best friend’s name,
or his dog’s name, anything that would give a clue
about whether he’s been thinking of you;
listen intently, check if he is fine, is he calm? relaxed?
Or does he have the look of a butcher who just killed for the first time?
Take in the bitter taste of thoughts that tell you,
No, he’s not thinking of you at all; question his heartlessness
How he continues to walk straight, doesn’t even smile too much for you
to think that maybe he’s hiding the hurt; give yourself reasons,
Fill his silence with excuses, his quiet with your thoughts,
His lies with your lies; and before going to sleep each night
Fill in the void of his presence, with the paintings of what could have happened
Weaving tales of what could have been
Had he texted you at his ‘last seen’.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

It was rose day yesterday and I couldn't stop thinking
Whether I’m becoming too disagreeable a person to be with
It would never make me happy to have fresh roses delivered at my doorstep
At best, I’d appreciate the attempt at expressing one’s love
At worst, I would cry for the roses who had to die
So that this foolish man could express his feelings
To a girl he claims to love
But doesn't know at all. 

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Pick up a nameless insect
The one right there, that flies by
Minding its own business
And hold it in your hands,
Like a pearl in a shell
But don’t give it a name yet,
Now in your left hand hold its body
Observe first its fight to escape
Count the number of legs
The flutter of the wings
And think to yourself
How ugly this thing is
Then slowly with your right hand
Pluck its first wing
And blow it in the air
Pretend like you didn’t hear
The silent scream
Feel big, and huge, and dangerous
And tell this insect that this is a warning
To its siblings and friends
To never come close to you again,
Observe again its attempt to escape,
When it begins to settle a little
Pluck its second wing
And this time place it right next to the body
To remind it that there is
No escaping now
Laugh and let it loose on the ground
Watch it crawl across the floor
And keep staring at it
As it escapes foot-steps
Heading towards some place
And see if it is lucky enough
To make it to the other side
Without getting trampled
By our busy life.

Then go back to your room
And pick up the newspaper
Talk to your mom about
The man who was set aflame,
The girl who was raped,
The kid who was gunned
The woman who was beheaded
And discuss how
We’re losing our humanity
Every day.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Late night tips on how I should change myself

You’re defensive
No, I’m not
And contradicting
What, no!
And unsure
You cry too easy
These are not tears
You hurt too fast
You don’t see my scars
Try, it’s easy
But it took me years..
No buts get comfortable with myself
Listen more
But I’m tired
Speak better
Do you promise to understand?
I fought a battle last summer
Try this trick, it worked
That’s great, but what if I’m in a
Different war?
You should be like me
But then who will be like me?