Wednesday, 28 January 2015

When you find yourself just an inch away from
Falling in love with someone else
Ignore the blush on your cheek, the punch in your heart
And tell your friends as genuinely as you can
That this is just the natural human curiosity to want to know another human
To want to crawl under her skin and look at the world the way she does
To want to see if the water tastes any different, when you take a sip
from her glass; To check if your heart can still skip a beat;
A test to see if it can break again, after years of being protected;
Her eyes dare you every day to embrace a fire
To enjoy it even when it threatens to burn you;
It’s been years, you’ve forgotten what it’s like to ache
For somebody else’s touch;
You know her so well, you can complete her sentences
And now the delicious feeling of being startled by an unexpected
Gesture, remark, characteristic, joke
The excitement of peeling off the layers, of discovering a new person,
She’s beautiful, isn’t she?

But inside of you there will be electricity,
Nothing but panic flowing through your blood
The heart itches and pulls at your chest
Hurting your ribs as it tries to escape,
Your head hitting the Almira, the wall, missing steps
Tripping, falling, limping, crawling
Trying to get through the day
Trying to tell yourself again and again,
no, you’re not falling in love with someone else.
No you’re not.

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