Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The Kind of Person You Should Fall in Love With

Fall in love with a person who is quiet
Someone you’ve never spoken to
And from the corner of your eyes you can make him
Anyone you want him to be.

The steps are simple
I will walk you through them-
Find a face you like, a height of your choice
But never ever have a word with him
Though it’s okay if you think about his voice,
And when you chance upon a conversation centered around him, quietly walk away;
Imagine him listening to your favorite songs
Dancing alone as he cleans his room;
Close your eyes and see him lying down on the grass
Staring at the stars the way you do;
You can choose whether he’ll be gentle or rough-
Any way you’d like him to be;
You can feed him with all the right words,
All the beautiful acts of love,
All the strengths and weaknesses you can bear to adore;
Think of his family the kind you would like
And place him in a hometown you’ve always wanted to go.

Fall in love with someone you’ve never spoken to
And every man can be your perfect man;
But darling, don’t come crying to me
When you speak with him for the first time.

1 comment:

  1. Nice points! A guy should also know how girl thinks too ;) Waise koi mila esa tmko?? :P