Monday, 24 November 2014

Covered in mud from head to toe
I don’t like the way I look anymore
So messed up, so dirty, so gross
No, I don’t like this feeling anymore

It’s a dream, I know
It’s out of control, I know
It isn’t real, I guess
But I just don’t like this mess
Insects are crawling
Mosquitoes all around
It itches so bad
And yet somehow
I can’t get myself to wake up

Then all of a sudden
In this crazy dream
Someone arrives and walks up to me
It’s the mud doctor, I believe

To fix me, to get rid of the mud
Takes me hand, and starts to dig it out
Digs in deep, does the best he could
Digs too deep, more than he should
I look at my hand
It’s horrifying
I look again
It’s terrifying
There is no skin, no blood
I have no body
I am the mud.

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