Sunday, 28 September 2014

This is a response to one of my favorite poems titled 'Warning' by Jenny Joseph. You can see it here -->

Because I am young now I shall wear red
With blue hair that goes blonde, and too many piercings
And I shall spend my pocket money on beautiful diaries that I may never fill
And bags, and say I've no money to eat out with friends.
I shall ask each guy I like out for coffee
And I shall hold hands and laugh out loud even if we're in a public place
And run my soul along all beautiful things
And make up for the sobriety that will be expected of me in a couple of years.
I shall go out without my slippers in the rain
And continue to try to catch butterflies
And learn to snort.

You can take a break from studies to explore new things
And pretend to know everything even when you don't
Or you could wipe your mind to learn anew
And hoard poems and quotes and words in boxes.

But later I will have other things to take care of
Maybe kids, a dog, and a job
And I will have to act sane and earn money to live.
I will have to pretend to care when I don't.

So maybe I ought to be young and foolish right now?
So that when I'm old and wise, I can sit with my grand kids
And tell them how I asked their grandfather out for coffee.

Also, this is my 100th post on blogspot and it's an overwhelming feeling. Thank you to everyone who has encouraged and inspired me to write. May your life always be full of beautiful words that break you and make you.

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