Sunday, 28 September 2014

This is a response to one of my favorite poems titled 'Warning' by Jenny Joseph. You can see it here -->

Because I am young now I shall wear red
With blue hair that goes blonde, and too many piercings
And I shall spend my pocket money on beautiful diaries that I may never fill
And bags, and say I've no money to eat out with friends.
I shall ask each guy I like out for coffee
And I shall hold hands and laugh out loud even if we're in a public place
And run my soul along all beautiful things
And make up for the sobriety that will be expected of me in a couple of years.
I shall go out without my slippers in the rain
And continue to try to catch butterflies
And learn to snort.

You can take a break from studies to explore new things
And pretend to know everything even when you don't
Or you could wipe your mind to learn anew
And hoard poems and quotes and words in boxes.

But later I will have other things to take care of
Maybe kids, a dog, and a job
And I will have to act sane and earn money to live.
I will have to pretend to care when I don't.

So maybe I ought to be young and foolish right now?
So that when I'm old and wise, I can sit with my grand kids
And tell them how I asked their grandfather out for coffee.

Also, this is my 100th post on blogspot and it's an overwhelming feeling. Thank you to everyone who has encouraged and inspired me to write. May your life always be full of beautiful words that break you and make you.

I have loved chaos and tried to stay away from symmetry
The pictures on my wall are never in a straight line
And my handwriting changes every day;
Sometimes I like to say things that make people fumble
And my lips speak what my heart feels
I run towards extremes.

And so, from where I look, the moon is always complete
From where I walk, time moves fast and slows down with me
From the angle I take, the picture looks gorgeous in it's asymmetry.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Say to me that sex is all about lust, and I will tell you
How rare it is to find someone who makes you want to be naked
When each and every day, all you’re told to do is hide under clothes
So wear a bra, and panties, but that is not enough
Add a layer of jeans and a t shirt, because that is the right way to be
So don’t cry when you feel sad, and don’t laugh out too loud
And anger is best expressed in suppression.

There is a reason to rejoice when you find someone
With whom you want to be naked
Because you want to hold them tight and so close despite all the hair
Because they’ll kiss you when you laugh and they'll kiss your tears
So rejoice it when you find a person who loves it when you moan so loud
And rejoice it harder when they moan with you
For it is rare to find someone who’s worthy of knowing
How beautiful you are without any clothes.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

And ma’am, what shall I serve you today?
Get me the hottest soup you have, my heart is as cold as my skin tonight
I want to feel warm again, I want this mist to leave
My bones can’t bear to be so numb, my hope needn’t shiver so
Get me a meal that’ll remove this fog,
Get me a meal to feel warm at heart.

And tomorrow when it starts to melt again
Get me the sweetest meal you can cook
So that when I open my mouth, only the brightest words escape my lips
So let there be light in my soul, and let there be space for more
Get me the sweetest meal to fill this space
Get me a meal that puts a shine on my face.

And because with your love you’ll heal me so
I’ll cook you meals to cure you too
From your anger, your pain, your hurt
I’ll serve you warm meals and sweet desserts
We’ll dine together with these meals that heal
To cure ourselves of the things we feel.