Sunday, 24 August 2014

I was once less scared of who I used to be
Maybe that is why I truly loved my teeth story
It was a great conversation starter, and people enjoyed it
When I told them about swings and messy childhood pictures.
Also, it made me laugh when my dentist warned me
That without braces I'll have problems with matrimony;
Like that even made sense.

But one day after a few years
Those words began to echo in my ears
And I stopped smiling for a while.

I was once more scared of the person I used to be
So I wanted to hide behind covers
And smile without showing my teeth
I wanted to be locked in my room
And not have any people to meet. 

Now I'm back to enjoying my stick out teeth
On most days they show the world
That I'm as happy as can be
I smile so hard that my teeth don't fit
Its like when I smile
The world knows that I mean I it. 

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