Tuesday, 26 August 2014

In the reflection in the window of the bus
I see him standing next to her
He doesn't talk too much, he hardly even looks
But you can see his smile and the color on his cheeks
And you know his eyes want to look in her direction
The way a flower turns to the sun.

Such innocence
Of having someone who makes you smile
And wanting nothing from that person
Except to see them smile back at you.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

I was once less scared of who I used to be
Maybe that is why I truly loved my teeth story
It was a great conversation starter, and people enjoyed it
When I told them about swings and messy childhood pictures.
Also, it made me laugh when my dentist warned me
That without braces I'll have problems with matrimony;
Like that even made sense.

But one day after a few years
Those words began to echo in my ears
And I stopped smiling for a while.

I was once more scared of the person I used to be
So I wanted to hide behind covers
And smile without showing my teeth
I wanted to be locked in my room
And not have any people to meet. 

Now I'm back to enjoying my stick out teeth
On most days they show the world
That I'm as happy as can be
I smile so hard that my teeth don't fit
Its like when I smile
The world knows that I mean I it. 

Monday, 18 August 2014

ये पीली सी खामोशियाँ

ये पीली सी खामोशियाँ
इन मे मैने कुछ लफ़्ज़ों को
उड़ते हुए देखा है,
दिल की बातों को जिन्हे ना वो कह सके ना हम
इन्हे खामोशियों के गुब्बारो मे उड़ाने का सिलसिला
ना जाने कब तक चलेगा |

ये पीली सी खामोशियाँ
जो तुम्हारे मेरे फ़ासले के बीच
कुछ यून ही मासूम से बच्चे सी बैठी रहती है
मेरे ख्वाबों की तस्वीरों में
जो तुम्हारी साँसों से रंग भरती है |

ये पीली सी खामोशियाँ
जो दरबदार तुम्हारी परच्छाई में
शब्दों के निशान तलाशती है
की शायद तुम्हारे होंठ मुस्कुरा कर वो कह जाए
जिसका आँखों को कबसे इंतज़ार है |

इन खामोशियों में शोर ढूंड रही हूँ मैं
मगर आज नही
आज तुम यूँ ही मगरूर बैठे रहो
अभी इन पीली सी खामोशियों के आसमान में
मुझे कुछ चॅन तारे नज़र आने लगे है |

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

I opened your diary rather mistakenly (not) the other day
But I had promised not to read the words, the sentences, and their combined meanings
So I searched for you in the curves of your Fs and the hats of your T's;
In the pages I saw your words fall on the bed of the lines
Some days to the left, some days to the right,
Some days just striving to stand straight;
You changed everyday.

But I found you in the circles you draw on the top of your Is
The ones you draw the same way no matter which side your words fall,
I saw your twisted smile in the Cs and your crazy laugh in the Ds
They were all the same everyday,
Maybe you don't change as much as you think you do.

On the last page I found your attempt to write with your other hand
The one that doesn't have years of practice
And I laughed at how you thought it was fun
To break 20 year old habits.

I opened your diary yesterday, mistakenly, or so I'd like you to think
And as promised, I didn't read your sentences
But I wasn't ready to find you sitting silently
at the ends of the Ys and the Zs
Making fun of me as I searched for you
Between the spaces of your words.