Thursday, 31 July 2014

All children deserve lessons from the swing,
Each child deserves to be on the swing,
To learn that if they try hard enough, they can hug the wind,
And that they probably can't catch the stars
but they can reach close enough,
To get used to the ups and downs
and the occasional hurtful falls,
To learn when to stop
before the tummy starts hurting and the head begins to spin.

Each person deserves to be on the swing,
So that when they go down
from the topmost peak
they learn that it is possible to fall
without letting yourself get hurt,
without hitting the ground.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Half-baked meals only result in empty stomachs
Because flour and sugar and baking soda don't taste
even half as good as a chocolate cake.

Half-baked poems out of my head
Always leave my mind hungry for a better cooked meal.
When you say 'hello' to your diary after months,
between the fluttering pages you will find
a sheet of paper that will jump out to fall on your lap
and if you want, then for a few seconds
this page can be anything you would like it to be.

It could be a torn sheet from the diary you burnt
because it constantly reminded you of a heartbreak,
but you saved that one entry anyway,
you weren't ready to forget.

It could be a song you wrote when you were in love
or just inspirational quotes,
a drawing of you made by your 4-year old cousin
or just words, because you like collecting words.

That page could be a love-letter,
an angry ramble,
a sketch,
or notes from counselling psychology.

For the 30 seconds before you decide to open it
you have the power to fill that folded sheet of paper
with all the words in the world.