Friday, 15 November 2013

The Boy Who Creates Music

Right across my room lives the boy who
creates music; dham dham badampam dham dham
giving me wanted and unwanted sounds all day
dham dham dham dham; and inside the room I can see him
his specs staring hard at the screen, his face wearing a
smile; dham dham dhadam dham bam
“Would you like to listen to my new piece?” he says
“Nahhhh, I haven’t got the time”; dham dham
“aacha chal jaldi se suna”
He’s the guy who gives background music to
my life.

But this boy who creates music doesn’t really know
that he creates so much more.

he creates joy for those struck with sadness
and laughter for those who have been serious too long
he creates sparkles in eyes
he makes complete opposites stick along
he creates food everybody loves
and the best chocolate coffee I have ever known
he is everything that is right with me
and everything that is wrong, corrected, and then rolled
into one.

He is crazy plus innocent
like a recipe made of chocolates and music,
psychology and sudoko, chicken shawarma and momos
a pinch of french fries and chhole bhature
and of every random tasty street food
the streets of Lajpat Nagar can produce.

The boy who creates music
gives rhythm to my heartbeats
and a base to my life
a tempo to the speed of work
and a sound to
make everything alright. 

Happy birthday, Sid. You are loved :*

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