Monday, 28 October 2013

There are promises that you make to yourself
that will change the way you live your life; and sometimes
you will be able to see as you make them; other times
it’ll be years before you knew you were following a mantra
a motto, or something; and when you look back
it’ll shine through everything you have ever done
and you’ll love it or hate it; but years later, you won’t be able to
do anything about it.

I have made some promises too.

Like the promise I’ve made to never regret the evening I spent
swept in the arms of something I love; like reading poetry
Or listening and singing along to songs in the happiest voice,
Like the day when I chose to ignore a pending assignment
so that I could go and listen to two old men, both poets
as they recited words weaved in magic, casting a spell on me
And the wonder I felt when I saw them grow young
in the span of an hour or so.

And I will never look back with contempt or anger
at the things and people that once made me happy, so happy
that the world seemed brighter when I sat next to them;
and time got wings as I saw it fly by me; and every 'goodbye'
seemed too hard, and every 'hello' so warm..
Because it doesn’t matter if they made me cry, they also gave me
the time of my life; and I promise to be grateful
for each laugh, each smile.

To never regret the time I spent, making people laugh
making them happy, with jokes and stories; truth or fiction
but giving them a time they cherish; time spent with children
listening to their stories of toys and school; of puppies as they
wag their tails, smiling with their eyes and loving oh so completely,
like games played with my mother, or evenings spent with friends
times that needn't be recorded in diaries, and feelings that are hard
to put into words.

And I will never let anyone tell me, to look at my world
with anything but pretty heart-shaped rose-tinted glasses
Because the truth is, we’re all going to wear lenses anyway
so I’ll look at my world with hope and love and its beauty
and people for all the magnificent charm and joys they hold
each person with his own ways of giving out happiness
each person with her own way of showing that she matters.

I made promises to myself the other day
promises I should have made a long time back
promises I intend to keep for a long time to come.

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