Saturday, 5 October 2013

Cheers to the being who does not keep
A hidden box at the top of the closet
Or in some corner of the heart
Or in its mind
Where it is covered
By the cobwebs of memory

A box that contains bits and pieces of paper
Words and dialogues
Quotes and lyrics
Photographs of smiles
And pictures of views
Letters that haven’t been opened in years
And phone numbers that will never be used
Pens whose souls left them
When their inks ran dry
And papers who knew they had died
When dust came to reside on them
Where once fingers touched,
And tears smiled.

A box
The box
The most dreaded box
The most loved one
The one there
But not really.

Cheers to the being
Who can let it go
Who can but throw
Away the things
That matter no more.

And I will come
looking for you
but I have a box
as of now
to look after.

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