Sunday, 22 September 2013

Have you ever felt so happy in a moment
Maybe after a phone call that lasted not more than 600 seconds
But made you smile all day after that
Because every once in a while, people say the sweetest things
And the euphoria in that minute makes you feel
That no riches in the world
Could make you even half as happy as you feel today

Have you ever felt so complete for a second
That you thought that life is most perfect in the now
And that joy came from nothing but a rooftop
That showed the wide sky to you
With clouds that looked like cotton candy
In the company of people you love too much
And the sounds of songs that sound much better in their voices
Than they ever did on tv

Have you ever felt the warmth of a person
When they hug you in a hurry
and you know that both of you don’t want to leave
so you just stay there, holding each other
and smiling in each other’s ears
wondering that throughout the years
you had waited for this time to come
and that if the wait was so long
is it fair that the moment passes by so soon

have you ever created something so magical
like a poem or a painting or a story
a character, a letter or a joke
that it felt like your own baby to you
that pride you feel when you show it around to people
and say- “you see this beauty?
I created it.”

because lately I find myself concentrating really hard
at my feet
wishing that they could grow roots
that stem out and tie me to this ground
this here, this now
and all my life, I've waited for wings
but in this moment, I guess, I can do without.