Sunday, 19 May 2013

Things I Need to Tell Myself

It is okay to be alone
and it’s okay if you can’t love everybody
It is absolutely okay if you feel sad
or angry
and it is alright if sometimes
life seems unfair.

It is okay to feel lonely
when you sit by yourself
and wish there was someone by your side
and there is nothing wrong if you can’t do
every damn thing you decide.

It is okay to be stupid sometimes
and make a really bad joke
it is okay if you can’t say every little thing
with a voice that isn’t broke.

It is okay if your shoulders slump
on a day you feel too low
and don’t worry so much about tiny
or big things
or if sometimes you don’t like the flow.

It is okay because you’re still awesome
and you will eventually get up and shine
but it is also okay to let go of things
and just rest for a little while.

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