Sunday, 19 May 2013

Tied to so many people
so tightly
without really knowing
the quality of the rope.
Things I Need to Tell Myself

It is okay to be alone
and it’s okay if you can’t love everybody
It is absolutely okay if you feel sad
or angry
and it is alright if sometimes
life seems unfair.

It is okay to feel lonely
when you sit by yourself
and wish there was someone by your side
and there is nothing wrong if you can’t do
every damn thing you decide.

It is okay to be stupid sometimes
and make a really bad joke
it is okay if you can’t say every little thing
with a voice that isn’t broke.

It is okay if your shoulders slump
on a day you feel too low
and don’t worry so much about tiny
or big things
or if sometimes you don’t like the flow.

It is okay because you’re still awesome
and you will eventually get up and shine
but it is also okay to let go of things
and just rest for a little while.

Monday, 13 May 2013

I have felt anger in its cruelest form
and sometimes its way more right
than wrong.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

If I needed to be saved
I would have cried for help.

If I needed to be loved
I wouldn't have let you go.

If I needed to feel complete
I’d never draw half a picture.

If I needed for you to hear my voice
I would have sung my song.

If I needed for you to fall in love
with me
Maybe you would have.

But I don’t,
I don’t,
I just don’t want to.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

I Love 4 o Clock in the Morning

I love 4 o clock in the morning
when I can sit in the dark
and write on a piece of paper
with a pen I can hold but not see
and scribble words
without thinking too much.

I love 4 o clock in the morning
when it is so quiet and empty
that it's possible to smell the ink of my pen
and hear the sound of my handwriting
and see the outline of the paper
through my fingers.

I love 4 o clock in the morning
when a thought that had been
sitting in a corner all day
can finally come to light
in the dark.

I love 4 o clock in the morning
it’s the most beautiful hour
when you talk only to people
who matter
and when you think of things
that are most important to you.

I love 4 o clock in the morning
because though technically you’ll say
that it’s morning
and a new day is beginning
For me, it's just the calm peaceful end
to a day full of chaos.

I just love 4 o clock in the morning.

P.s- as a rule, anybody who writes should ALWAYS keep a pen and paper by the bedside. 

Friday, 3 May 2013

An Ode to a Balloon

I wonder how it must feel
to be so colorful and bright
And yet still be
so empty inside.

You laugh as you pass
jumping through the air
from one hand to the other
and yet not belonging anywhere.

And even at night
as you stand by the corner
I can still sit
and look at you
as you dance
to the music of the fan
and it makes me smile
whether I ever dance
to the music of my life.

And balloon, you make me realize
how important it is
to have a good time
because as long as you’re
colorful and bright
nobody cares
if you’re empty inside.


Thursday, 2 May 2013

Wrote this last night-

Its 3 am
And I’m thinking
That there could be so many people out there
who have someone to share their lives with
someone to talk to
and I can’t help but wonder
why no one wants to talk to me.
And more thoughts come
As sleep refuses to provide any peace
And before anything breaks deep inside
I just leave it at that.

Its 3:12 now
I still can’t sleep.

Now I’m thinking about
What life would be like
To float around in different cities
Drawing faces that touch my heart
And writing poetry
That will hopefully touch their heart
And the thought brings a smile to my face
Because I know
Someday I’ll do
I've always wanted to.