Tuesday, 16 April 2013

If you could one day
reach far down
into the depths of my soul
You’d see a mind
lost in the cobwebs of the world,
of the past
and the things yet to be
A heart so scared
that it walks fearlessly.
An animal with claws
and a thorn bleeding its leg
A cage, self-made for protection
and a spirit that wants to be free.

If you could notice one day,
If only I let you see.


  1. wow, i think this is one of your best aaku... :)
    and it is the pain tht makes it beautiful, the sorrow that lends light to your words. this is why it is said that a person shouldn't be happy all the time. your words are glorious. :)

  2. yeah..i loved it too. funny how today morning i woke up thinking that haven't seen a new post by you in a long time. anyway..could totally connect to this one...echoes my state too i guess... =) take care.

  3. This was minblowing!
    The way your words flow is amazing! :D
    Loved it!

  4. priya: I'm still trying to figure out how to react to your comment :P
    bani: haha! You'll be seeing a lot more ab :)
    diwita: thank you :)

    Thank you all for being so encouraging! There will be a LOT more coming up! Exams bring out the poet/writer/artist/movie fan/bibliophile/music lover in me! Basically anything that doesn't involve reading course related stuff! :P