Monday, 29 April 2013

People who will change your life

People who will change your life
Will sing so many songs with you
With broken voices that are so out-of-tune
And occasional bursts of laughter
And the shared discussions of lyrics
That will be forgotten one day,
But the people who will always remain.

People who will change your life
Will be like ghosts in a haunted house
Because for the longest time you’ll think they’re there
But they never will be
And when you fall, you’ll try to grab hold of them
But your hands will pass right through
And the illusion of their existence will tear apart.

People who will change your life
Will build you up as they break you down
So they’ll pull out the worst in you
And clean the wounds that hurt since long
And it’ll hurt so bad you’ll hate them for it
But you’ll never be the same again
And then you’ll love them more than you ever thought.

People who will change your life
Will also make you fall in love with them
Without really loving you back
Sometimes they’ll do this by mistake
Sometimes they’ll laugh as they see you in pain
Sometimes it’ll hurt, sometimes it won’t
Sometimes you’ll be the one causing the heart ache.

People who will change your life
Will be kind and sweet and with the brightest smiles
And they’ll share a part of their soul with you
That’ll urge you to become a better person
And they’ll be the ones
Who’ll make the world look less scary and more lovable
And you’ll never be able to thank them enough.

People who will change your life
Will change it without intending to do so
And you’ll change their life too
More than you’ll ever know.

Drowning in emotion
Flying with joy
Burning in pain.

Head buried in my pillow
The mind sits by the window
Eyes full of tears
Yet I can't help but smile.

Sometimes the goodness around me
that happens all the time
yet that which I notice so rarely,
overwhelms me
to the core of my being
and I'm never the same again.

It amazes me how easy it is to express sadness, how the words just fall into place. But the real joy of life, the happiness, the most memorable moments, the kindest acts, the sweetest smiles, the most lovable faces, the most touching conversations- no words can describe the emotion they bring to me. None at all.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

You can sit and stare at a hundred stars
For a hundred nights in a row
You can stare at the dark, you can stare at the park
And at things you care of no more.

You can stare at trees and dried up leaves
And clouds that make noises from afar
At broken bottles, and inkless pens
And the familiar fresh pain of a very old scar.

You can sit by men and talk to them
And laugh till your eyes have tears
But you musn’t ever really cry with them
Or let them know your fears.

You can sit by a friend, talk from start to end
About stories from too long ago
But when she asks why you wear masks
Your answer must be ‘no’.

So sit and stare for all I care
At nights that come by so slow but go too fast
But no trees or dried up leaves
Can help you make peace that’ll last.

And talk all you want, as much as you want
But you must always know
That no men or random friend
Can ever understand your mixed up soul.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

And then I look into your eyes
a little veiled with strength
another soul that locks itself up
too scared to be free.
I walk up to you
There is a step back in defense
I move back too
I let you be.
But is it true what I think?
Are you as messed up as me?

If you’d let me know some day
Maybe this will set us free.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

If you could one day
reach far down
into the depths of my soul
You’d see a mind
lost in the cobwebs of the world,
of the past
and the things yet to be
A heart so scared
that it walks fearlessly.
An animal with claws
and a thorn bleeding its leg
A cage, self-made for protection
and a spirit that wants to be free.

If you could notice one day,
If only I let you see.