Monday, 11 February 2013

Has this ever happened to you,
that all the rules you had always lived by
stop making sense somehow?

Like all the things you didn't like
don't seem so unlikable anymore?
and as if
the things you liked
have suddenly vanished into the air?

The everyday thoughts mix to the sand
and a strange freedom captures you,
and it feels scary
scary, because you're just not ready.
And scary,
because you can no longer recognize you.


  1. yes to all...
    reply coming soon...

  2. Wow Aakriti, this is like the story of my life. I can totally relate. I loved your poems. Following you..

    Have a peek into my blog once you get a chance.


  3. Thanks a lot, Dhara! :)

    And I will definitely take a look at you blog!