Wednesday, 27 February 2013

One of those days
When you realize
That you don’t have the courage to say even half the things on your mind
And when you do, the voice comes out too tiny, a little too soft
On other rare occasions, when it seems loud enough to be heard
Somehow, nobody seems to be listening.

One of those days
When you wish
That you could shrink to 2 inches tall
So you could hide in the corner of your drawer
And never see the people, meet the people you could fall in love with
And give them the power to cause you incredible pain
That takes too long to go away.

One of those days
When you wonder
Whether you are headed for the worse
With thoughts that scare you as they appear
And ideas that are too frightening to kept
And whether you’ll ever find people
Who’ll still love you, no matter what.

One of those days
When you think
That maybe your jokes are too stupid
And that you smile too much
And wonder, what people really think about you
And whether you should change
Just to make them love you more?

One of those days
When you know you’re wrong
When you think so much
About things that don’t matter
But you do anyway.

Just one of those days.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Sometimes words fall short
not because you can’t construct
a sentence that means
all the things that
your heart has been shouting out
for SO long,
but because
you can’t get
the right ears
to listen to them.

So it doesn't matter
if you hold it in
or scream out loud
cause deep inside
you’ll be scratching and pulling,
crying and yelling,
wishing and praying,
for some people
to listen
to what you have to say.

And sooner or later
you will give up,
you say you won’t
but yes you will.
And the day will come
when you’ll speak so much
without ever
really saying
the things
you actually
want to say.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Has this ever happened to you,
that all the rules you had always lived by
stop making sense somehow?

Like all the things you didn't like
don't seem so unlikable anymore?
and as if
the things you liked
have suddenly vanished into the air?

The everyday thoughts mix to the sand
and a strange freedom captures you,
and it feels scary
scary, because you're just not ready.
And scary,
because you can no longer recognize you.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Stupid Romantic Poem

I want to know the stories that touch your heart
The songs that make you cry
The words that make you laugh
The photos that make you yearn to be there
The movies you wish happened to you

I want to know what made you what you are today
Why you like the things you like?
What makes you think your hair looks nice one way and not the other?      
And your heart,
Is it wounded or fit and fine?
Who do you talk to when you don’t want to talk to anyone?
Could it someday be me?

Ah, and the quotes!
Which are the ones you wish you had written?
And how about the ones that seem to be too foolish to you?
I want to know the places you love
The places you want to go to
Whom do you want to go with?
Could it, in some distant future, be me?

Are you scared of the dark?
And does silence make you feel too weird?
And how would you plan your perfect date?
Would you plan a special evening?
Or just ask her out for a simple coffee?
And could that girl whom you ask out on a date,
Could that girl, some day, be me?

And who do you dream of when you go to sleep
Whose voice sounds like a melody?
And when you see two people holding hands
Knotted in yours, whose hands do wish to see?
And as you turn to look up at that girl's face
Could you, for once, see me?