Sunday, 13 January 2013


Let’s talk about feelings, shall we?
Feelings that take you then make you.

Feelings that come like the first rain drops
The ones that change you
Traveling through different lands
Or sitting in the same place
And yet being complete
Hand in hand with the hand that completes you.

Feelings that build you
And make you smile
And smile when you wake up
And smile when you sleep
And the face that looks prettier
Than all the beauty in the world.

Let’s talk more about feelings, shall we?
Feelings that take you then make you
And break you.

Cause they leave fingerprints
Everywhere they go
In words, in songs, in the stars
In summer days
And dried up flowers
Feelings that kill you
Like poison in your blood stream
That you just can’t let out.

Feelings that just won't go
as easily as the people who got them to you.

Feelings you don’t want
And yet pray for every day
Feelings that make you
And break you in a million ways
Feelings you’ll live with
Every minute
Every hour
Hoping for that one shot
That’ll finally hit it’s mark.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

You may not always look
as pretty as you want to
But that does not mean
you’re ugly
And people may not always act
the way you’d like them to
But that doesn't make them
bad people either

Things may not always turn out
the way you would have liked
But that doesn't mean
that you stop trying

Cause the things,
the people,
And you
are somehow still
worth it
in the end.