Sunday, 16 December 2012

This is based on a dream I had last night. Hope you like it :)

In the middle of the market, at the center of the crowd
I stood there crying my little heart out
It hurt alright, it hurt too bad,
A pain suffered too long, a memory too sad
People walked, immune to the pain
Nobody turned to even look again
Nobody tried to figure why I stood there alone
Was it too much, to want some love?
I cried as I walked, the tears dripping down my face
A sudden outburst to cold bitter days
And out on that street, at the center of another crowd
A different soul crying, screaming so loud
Again the people passed, somehow too deaf and too blind
As I stood there wondering, why that soul had cried
My eyes saw those tears, those eyes saw mine
And somehow we knew, everything would be fine
For as people went, content in being alone
Some people make you realize, you aren't alone
And though the pain grew no less, a realization came
That on the outside we may all look different,
But deep inside, our suffering is the same.


  1. Nicely written/portrayed. I could get a mental picture. And yeah, I liked it.

  2. "And though the pain grew no less, a realization came"

    Nice work aakriti :)