Wednesday, 14 November 2012

19 Random Things :)

1. When I have to study, EVERYTHING seems to be more interesting. Like writing this. 

2. When I was a kid, I didn't like myself a lot; and it turned out that people weren't that fond of me either. Now that I've grown, I'm in love with myself, and as it turns out, the rest doesn't matter.

3. My favoritest memories of home include playing Chudo with mom, a game we invented in which we play Ludo as if it were Chess. 'Cause Ludo seems to be too childish a game to play, according to mom.

4. Writing letters! I remember, I have written long, like really really long letters for people. And I've spent hours making cards too. And then, I outgrew these much cherished habits. This is something I realized when I wrote a letter for my friend which had 10 pointers and all were related to the fact that she should start writing a diary since that was what I had gifted her. I was almost killed that day.

5. My happiest moment was entering LSR. I had dreamt of studying Psychology Honors from there since I was in 8th standard. The day in the auditorium, the orientation.. it was all a dream come true.

6. I love the stars. They remind me of the past, the present and the future. They actually remind me how small everything is compared to this big beautiful universe that we are a part of.

7. Listen, I am an AWESOME person and I am waiting for a boyfriend. And not just any guy, but someone who is the correct proportion of certain ingredients. Yes, someone who has all the qualities listed in my head. It ain’t easy bro. I’m worried no one this perfect can ever come along. :P

8. I have had a keen interest in psychopaths since I don’t know when. My teacher in college made fun of me because of this ( :/ ) and a lot of my friends have stared at me like I was one too. Weirdoes.

9. I work by lists. I have a list of things to do this month, I have a list of the clothes I want to buy, a list of things I want to buy, a list of things I want to do in my life, a list of things I never want to do, a list of places I want to visit, a list of books I want to read, a list of movies I want to watch and a list keeping track of all the others lists I have. Damn! This post is a list too.

10. I have a thing for flop movies. Believe me, I can watch them for as long as I want and keep laughing. For that matter, I don’t even mind watching Indian soaps once in a while.

11. As a child I loved butter chicken and would have it almost 5 days a week. Then one day I just stopped, been a vegetarian since then credited for turning many animal-eaters to plant-eaters.

12. Oh. My best friend taught me two amazing things: whistling and snorting. This has led me to whistle at dogs from my balcony giving many guys the false joy that they were the ones being whistled at. Plus, I often snort when I laugh, which irritates people and makes me laugh even more.

13. I sneeze like a cracker on Diwali. Well, at least I’m not adding to the pollution.

14. When I tell my mom that I don’t intend to get married, she freaks out. The poor woman has spent all her life giving sagan at other peoples’ weddings and she won’t be getting much in return. :P

15. Once I craved for Giani’s Belgian dark chocolate ice cream so badly, it was almost like Preity Zinta’s scene from Salaam Namastey. (oh by the way, the movie sucked big time :/ )

16. I’m a sucker for dogs! I like dog pages on facebook, visit pet shops just for the joy of being with puppies, I even volunteered at Friendicoes for a while! I have 2 street puppies who are the cutest creatures ever! In fact, the moment someone tells me they like dogs, I start liking them more! :D

17. Haha! Well, I think my poems are really deep. I mean, if 10 years down the line a teacher is blabbering on and on about one of my poems, I won’t blame it on her over-analytical skills at all.

18. I talk to myself. All the time. Yeah. Just can’t stop.

19. I remember nothing of my life before 8th standard. That memory is totally lost. I’m like Ghajini (technically Sanjay Singhania from Ghajini) with a different memory problem. :P

Done! Now your turn, go ahead, write a random list of your own. It’s a lot of fun and way more interesting than studying! Don’t forget to share it with me :D

Tuesday, 13 November 2012


You know what my problem is? I’m not looking to be saved.
I’m not waiting for you to save me
Or get me out of a mess

No, it’s not like I don’t get scared
Neither are there are no things that make me fall apart
But deep inside, I realize, I’m a fighter
I will fight the things that make me cry
Till I can smile again
And I will fight the things I fear
Till I fear them no more

That is what my problem is
Or more precisely, the problem you have with me
Cause I just don’t need you to bring a smile on my face
I’m happy by myself
And I can love you with all my heart
But if you don’t love me
I won’t crush and crumble to the ground
Or listen to melancholic words all day
My life isn’t a carnival of sadness and misery
I’m just not looking for you to be saved

Cause deep down inside I’m a fighter you see
I fight the things that threaten to break me
And I’m strong and weak and hard and soft
But I just ain’t the giving up sort
So push and pull and try and break me apart
But you can’t
Cause I’m a fighter at heart.

Monday, 12 November 2012

The Chocolate Incident

Jumbled words in my head never fall into place
And these steps I keep on taking, often keep changing pace
Such hurried thoughts in my mind and with despair in my heart
I walked out of my home, hoping for a brighter start

And out there on the street, a little boy
Innocent eyes, innocent smile, could not have been more than ten
Working on a school project, walked with a paper and pen
And on his back a little bag, full of chocolates I believe
As he came hopping down the street
Offering one to me

I smiled and thanked and smiled some more
The sweetest thing in so long
I asked him if I could join him in the task
And maybe tag along?

So off we went onto the street
Giving chocolates to the world
Little sweets, little joys, to every boy and girl

And what I learnt that day my friends, is a little hard to put down
As I was forced to take a closer look at this crazy world around
When my new friend offered sweets to people on that oh-so-busy street
Most of them were forced to look at the kind act, so suspiciously
“Why is he offering me a sweet?” “Oh what does this child want?
Or “Is this just some dirty trick to extract money out of me?”
I saw as my friend went from one person to the next
Offering a chocolate people would have otherwise loved to take
And yet when it came from a stranger, it made them hesitate

That day I saw a bunch of bullies
Take from that little child much more than their share
I saw as a beautiful deed was met with too many a hostile glare

So why is it that though all of us seek goodness
Coming face to face with it we put it through a distrustful lens?
And though we all look out for happiness
Despite having reasons to smile, we choose to look tense?
And that chocolate incident made me wonder
Is this what happens when we grow up
That though we keep searching for it, waiting for it, looking for it
We still choose to react so coldly to love?