Monday, 9 July 2012

To Future Me,

You got through it all na? The joys, the sorrows; the sweet and the sour?
I KNEW you could do it! 

I know you must be rocking the world! I'm sure you are!
I look at you, and I know I can't wait to be there, right where you are. I know it's gonna take years of MY hardwork to create YOU, but it's gonna be worth it.
I look at you, and I know you're making a change. Changing lives for the better, and nothing makes me feel more proud!
You finally have your 'magic beans' too! Yayee! 
And the book you published, the dream you've had seen forever, you made it come true!
And when I see you, I don't just see a career-driven, change-driven, independent strong person; I see so much more. I see you travelling the world, learning things, reading books, watching movies, going to clubs, AND I see you going on ROAD TRIPS! Just the way you always wanted to! Seriously, I can't wait to get there.
And yes, you did find him didn't you?
Somewhere, something, somehow got you to him! And it's all perfect isn't it? Everything you'd been waiting for is finally with you!
And your apartment looks beautiful with all that Dilli Haat ka stuff, and Woof is a beautiful dog.
I'm glad I worked hard and turned into you.
Waiting to be with you soon! :)

Your creator,
Aakriti 2012



  1. nice job... and so it is when we deal with our delusional selves...

    wishful thinking