Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Okay. So Mindblowing May is finally here! Check it out! :)
Hosted by Ruhani Chopra, I'm sure its gonna be as amazing as expected! :)

This is my inspiration for today's post-

You said you loved me, I said I didn't love you back
No no, not that way atleast
And for months I tried to explain
You've got no work, and your words are hardly ever polite
I tried to show I cared, but just not the way you wanted me to

Months passed by and you still wouldn't give up
No no, no matter how wrong you were
It hurt your manhood to hear a no
How were you to ever let go?

Days later as I walked down the streets
Still wrapped with the guilt of the hurt I must have caused
I saw you coming toward me, I smiled to try and sought it out
That's when it hit me, the fire you threw
Burning my face, killing my sight

It is because of your ego, your frail sick ego
That today I walk in masks to hide my face
That not a single soul looks at me,
That each one person stares past me with disgrace

It is because of your broken heart, oh and your 'love'
That I can no longer make my dreams come true
Your 'love' that has caused so much suffering
This disfigured face, these sightless eyes, and all the things I can no longer do

Days have passed, as I walk down the streets
Wrapped in the consequences of your foolish acts
I look at you coming from afar,
The bottle of fire clenched in my hands
You pass by me, not a muscle moves
No, I still cannot get myself to do this to you..


  1. its awesome :)
    I'm gonna share it on my wall for people to read it. :)

  2. really liked it :)
    simple words, expressed beautifully :)

  3. love it !!! really.. n its so true..!!

  4. That's a nice poem and a harsh reality.

    Nicely Written.

    1. thanks! this particular reality sucks to the core. :/

  5. So honest and believable! Thanks for joining me today :) Hope to see you tomorrow too! =D

    1. i hope to see myself tomorrow too!
      wonder what's gonna happen in my exams though! :D

  6. i noe... the most ridiculous experience i guess..!!and i love it how u expressed :)

  7. Wow. made me cry. quite emotional piece. going to follow for sure. Mind blowing may indeed going to be mind blowing!

  8. thank you! :)
    That's a lot of encouragement.. :)

  9. you somehow do wonders..... tooo goood...

  10. That was so depressingly beautiful. Man, that was amazing.

  11. It is sad.
    Thanks though!