Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Bards, poets, lyricists and more,
Me, my friends, my lovers or so
For centuries, and decades have said so much
Of a love we have rarely felt or touched

For years they spoke of the inseperable bond
From letters to emails to messages and all
The connection that two people seem to have shared
How one person loved when no one else cared

Villians, jealous friends, society refused
Yet they fought for a love that mattered the most
Millions of stories, and tales to tell
A bond to value, an anecdote to sell

We all seem convinced it'll come some time
"If not now, then maybe when I'm twenty nine"
But what would you do, if no one came your way?
Are you making the best of your day?

So have some goals for yourself alone
Aims, ambitions, places to go
A list of things to do before you die
things to learn before you say goodbye

And though it may seem lovers matter a lot
If you have someone, they surely deserve the love you've got
But let your partner not define who you are
Be an individual, unique and smart

Be the best that you can ever be
And maybe one day it'll lead to a new type of story
Of a person who achieved all that they thought
Not a lovestory, the over hyped sought

But a story of dreams that were made true
Of a story so different and new
Cause let's just face it, if no one ever came along
You don't wanna be a lonely person with a diary full of nothing but heart broken songs!

Taadaaa! I know the last line is too long.. :P
And yes, I know I sound cynical about love..but there is so much more in the world, and that's just an overhyped four-letter word! :P

Sunday, 1 April 2012

If Only My Rational Mind Would Let Me Fall In Love Like This!

Strange topic right? Well, not as strange as the events that led to this. 

My life has been pretty monotonous lately. The only relationship I seem to be nurturing these days is the one with my books and practical file and lets get this straight, I'm in a girls college and with an almost negligible amount of guy friends from either school or neighborhood-- its been one heck of a ride with no boyfriends, no crushes, and not even having the privilege of seeing cute guys for days in a row. (Well, its not as bad as it sounds though! :P ) And so Aakriti Pasricha sits on her bed staring at IPAT ASQ wondering why celebrities get to travel all over the world while she's stuck up at home with nothing to do except study. That's when it happens..one link on facebook transports her to some random guy’s profile and the next thing you know she's reading ALL his articles or blogs or whatever. Great! 

And it's like all my thoughts written by somebody else and almost all my character traits and feelings transferred on to a guy I haven't even seen. Ever! The only courage I have is to comment on one of his posts anonymously.

So yes, if only my sane sensible senses would stop chattering for one second and let me send a friend request to a random guy for once. If only I could convince myself to do something so foolish and senseless. If only my rational mind would let me fall in love like this!

P.s- Don't even bother asking for the link to his posts or anything! :P