Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Life Never Felt The Way It Did Today

She stared at the beautiful calm night
She stared as the stars looked down at her and smiled
And life never felt like a breeze of fresh air
Life never felt the way it did today

Caught in the tangles of faithlessness, she never thought she had it in her
No, she never believed she could change
She never realized she was the change
Caught in the the web of self loathing, she hated the way she looked
she hated how she smiled, how she talked and what she said
Life was hard then, when she hated every bit of who she was
Caught in self-pity, she felt sad for her poor self
The world had treated her so bad- the days bled, the nights ached
It was so difficult then, for she drowned in self pity

She had closed herself in that box
And when it got suffocating, she blamed the world

It was past now, as the winds of change passed by her
They whispered in her ears a change that spread through her very soul
No longer were the days so hard, for she had learned to like herself
No longer was her laugh so weird, so ugly, for she just loved the way it felt
She saw beauty in herself as she made others smile, their lives just a little bit better than before
She changed herself to what she wanted to be, she had faith, she believed
It shook her when she discovered all that she could do
Her capabilities knew no end, the possibilities grew and grew

She had walked out of that box, explored what lay beyond the boundaries
It was like fresh air to breathe again, she thanked the world

She stared at the memories of a forgotten past
She stared at the future she would be writing herself
And life had never felt like a breeze of fresh air
Life never felt the way it did today