Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Smoked Away

She'd seen him smoke his dreams away..
In those puffs of little black clouds, she'd seen his money vanish in the air
She watched as no friends were left, she watched.. and she cared

She felt bad for the broken little guy
She stared as he puffed away most of his life
She a fought battle deep inside, to be honest or to choose a white lie..

His parents would ask her why his face was so pale,
his lips so grey, his eyes so cold
They'd ask her to answer truthfully as to why their 20 year old son looked so old..

She'd give no answers, they'd beat him if they knew
She'd just stand their quietly wondering what to do
She'd argue with herself- "he’ll tell them truth, or one day he'll stop and maybe start anew.."

Months passed by and that one little habit had reached an all time high
And he pled to her for money, he'd weep and he’d cry
She gave him what he wanted believing he would try..

Later she watched him wheeze his dreams away
In those coughs from a worn-down throat, she’d see his life vanish in the air
All because of a habit she could have stopped, which eventually led to a bitter end
All because she kept quiet, all because she thought she was a friend..

Again, if you can relate to this then maybe its time for a change..
Be a true friend.. :)


  1. Aakriti your write ups are filled with messages and which make us introspective onto ourselves . very well written keep writing :)

  2. it's funny that i stumbled across your blog because my boyfriend smokes (cigarettes) and he just joined this Driven to Quit thing for the month of March and I am his support buddy. Im gonna get him to read your poem as encouragement. thanks :)

    1. Well thanks! wishing you and your boyfriend the very best of luck! :)

  3. "she never believed she could change
    She never realized she was the change" :)
    You've picked up a great topic :)

    1. I suppose you commented on the wrong post by mistake. Anyway, thankyou! :]