Tuesday, 21 February 2012

And Then He Said I Love You

He walked into my life with cold blue eyes,
And froze the fire in mine with his ice cold stare
He laughed but in his own lost thoughts
He heard not a word that I had to say..

He brought me flowers, yellow and bright
He brought me lillies, jasmines, tulips so rare
He got me gifts that money knew not worth of
But never a letter with heartfelt words written there..

He woke me up from my calm dreams
With sounds so creaky, so intentional, so loud
He was there all the time, night and day
And yet even as we walked, I felt alone in the crowd..

And then he told me stories with no beginnings,
Later he corrected my walk, my laugh, my style
He hit me with bitter words and little lies
And yet he claimed to be all mine..

He looked at me with eyes so blank
He said words so hollow, so empty, untrue
On the promise of a new one, he killed my old little world
And then, yes then, he said I Love You..

Dear friend,
I hope not, but if you do find yourself relating to this poem then may be its time for a change..


  1. I am sure a lot of people can relate to this piece. I like the topic you've picked up :)
    PS. Shouldn't it be "froze" in the second line?

  2. Thank youu! :)
    and double thanks for pointing out the mistake..it shall be corrected! :D

  3. sweeet this one is.. very sweeet :D:D

    1. certainly not sweet! :/
      ye kaisa comment tha bhai?

  4. I love the dramatic end. And yes so many people will realte to this :) Well written.

  5. YOU are fabulous writer girl! Brilliant :)