Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Smoked Away

She'd seen him smoke his dreams away..
In those puffs of little black clouds, she'd seen his money vanish in the air
She watched as no friends were left, she watched.. and she cared

She felt bad for the broken little guy
She stared as he puffed away most of his life
She a fought battle deep inside, to be honest or to choose a white lie..

His parents would ask her why his face was so pale,
his lips so grey, his eyes so cold
They'd ask her to answer truthfully as to why their 20 year old son looked so old..

She'd give no answers, they'd beat him if they knew
She'd just stand their quietly wondering what to do
She'd argue with herself- "he’ll tell them truth, or one day he'll stop and maybe start anew.."

Months passed by and that one little habit had reached an all time high
And he pled to her for money, he'd weep and he’d cry
She gave him what he wanted believing he would try..

Later she watched him wheeze his dreams away
In those coughs from a worn-down throat, she’d see his life vanish in the air
All because of a habit she could have stopped, which eventually led to a bitter end
All because she kept quiet, all because she thought she was a friend..

Again, if you can relate to this then maybe its time for a change..
Be a true friend.. :)

Thursday, 23 February 2012

It's A Different Fairytale!

Once upon a time, in a land not too far away
There lived a beautiful princess who was 'as white as snow' they say
She laughed, she ran as she spread joy around
And at nights she dreamt of a prince she hadn’t yet found..

Tall dark and handsome, to her those mattered not
When she dreamt of a prince, she dreamt of a different sought
Her prince would be kind and as loving as can be
What she looked for in her prince was inner beauty..

Days passed by, she looked all over the land
And then one fine day, she finally found her man
Virtuous, kind and friendly, he soon became everything she knew
And too top it all, he was tall, dark and handsome too!

And so in this land of fairytales, another magical wedding came alive
They danced, they sang and they laughed till they had cried
And as she smiled her dazzling smile, the beautiful princess knew
This was the man of her dreams, and that dream had come true..

Most poems of this sought, at this point come to an end
But there is an after story to this, the one you've never heard my friend
As the bride and groom exit the hall, no one tries to know
What would happen to this couple as together they grow old?

The beautiful princess goes to her new house, wondering in awe
Staring at her little house, tinnier than she thought
But that she cared of not, for her prince was by her side
She saw their future bright ahead, as he opened the door wide..

Later the handsome prince calls a dinner, for his beautiful wife
Friends, relatives, cousins come to wish them a happy life
As she spoke to one of his friends, the princess saw what she had never seen
Her handsome prince with fists clenched, was turning all green..

The green-ness of his face was something that only she could see
As the other people carried on laughing she thought- ''its my imagination.. maybe..''
At night the still green prince told her, she was never to talk to another man
He blamed her for being a flirt, and he was to stop it any way he can..

The days passed by and she learned- her prince of soft words now always wanted to shout
And every time something angered him, his eyes would pop out
Her handsome prince was now just a green colored man with eyes that could pop
And no longer would he walk in his elegant style, instead he would hop..

More days passed and with his little deceits, the prince was turning small
When she met her prince he was 6ft, and now he was just 3 ft tall
Only the princess seemed to notice, as his voice suddenly broke
No longer were his words so clear, instead he used to croak..

Even more days passed, more consumed in his anger the prince lifted his hand
And as he hit her over the face, she just couldn’t understand
That why the handsome prince with a heart of gold was turning so strange
And why with every misdeed he did, his hands and feet began to change..

So as the prince kept changing, it turns out that the guy she had once fallen for
Was not half as kind, or half as funny and was evil all the more
And once the change wass complete, the princess walked down a lonely road
As she cried in great despair, for her prince turned into a toad!

My mom says its a 'toadly' different concept! :P

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

And Then He Said I Love You

He walked into my life with cold blue eyes,
And froze the fire in mine with his ice cold stare
He laughed but in his own lost thoughts
He heard not a word that I had to say..

He brought me flowers, yellow and bright
He brought me lillies, jasmines, tulips so rare
He got me gifts that money knew not worth of
But never a letter with heartfelt words written there..

He woke me up from my calm dreams
With sounds so creaky, so intentional, so loud
He was there all the time, night and day
And yet even as we walked, I felt alone in the crowd..

And then he told me stories with no beginnings,
Later he corrected my walk, my laugh, my style
He hit me with bitter words and little lies
And yet he claimed to be all mine..

He looked at me with eyes so blank
He said words so hollow, so empty, untrue
On the promise of a new one, he killed my old little world
And then, yes then, he said I Love You..

Dear friend,
I hope not, but if you do find yourself relating to this poem then may be its time for a change..

Sunday, 19 February 2012

She got up and slammed the door as she walked out of the house. It was all she had wanted to do since the past few days, she just could'nt take it anymore. She stood outside for a few minutes, it was dark and windy, her hair was tied back tight enough that not one strand had the courage to move about. Her kajal had sprewn beneath her eyes, she wore her brother's lose, comfortable shirt,straightened herself up and started walking. She realized she was wearing no shoes but was too angry to go back, plus this was probably her only chance to get away.

Yes. That was all she had wanted to do- to get away. Go away somewhere far and now, somehow, her journey had begun. She did'nt care what a mess she looked like, it was nothing compared to the mess inside.. "Not that anyone cares anyway" she said smiling mockingly. It was her favourite laugh- one filled with anger and sadness. She laughed because she knew how entertaining God must be finding it all- her pain, her suffering, her confusions. She laughed because she did'nt know what else to do.

And so she walked into the dark night, down the road. She trudged along the way hoping something would hit her. Not physically, but that somehow something would stirke her dead mind and everything would suddenly make sense. Along the way she asked herself what she was doing- "Is this the right choice? Just to walk away like that?"

''Walking away'' then she thought "is always a difficult decision to make. Either you chose to stay in the mess or get out of it. No one ever thinks of cleaning it up. Bah. I'd rather leave." Life had somehow sucked all energy out of her, all she could do now was walk mindlessly. As she heard her footsteps on the dimly lit road, she realized how strangely silent it was. The streets were empty and with every step she took, the trees seemed to be closing down on her. It surprised her that she felt no fear trodding down that unusually quiet, silent path. It surprised her that not only she felt no fear, but infact she was at peace. Ocassionally she stepped on stones that were so small that they pricked; they hurt her, she whined and then set off walking again.

She talked to herself most of the way, speaking out loud her problems hoping that some voice out of the night would give her all the answers. Telling herself her own problems always helped. It provided a new perspective. Yet today, everything, every word she spoke felt stale. Long dead. It did'nt make no sense to think of them anymore.

She reached a bench that seemed to be about as old as her, its iron rusting, its wooden parts decaying; the similarity between them compelled her to sit down. Another rush of wind passed by her, the tied hair trying to run out of the band. She stared as the stars started to form imaginary figures twinkling all the way. She sat there as every strand of grass called out to her, as every sleeping creature prayed for her in their dreams. The silence was talking to her. In that silence she got answers that no words would speak.

"It seems I created so much noises in my head that they blocked away the little voices that came from my heart." She said laughing at her own foolishness. "Sometimes the anwers are right infront of us." She laughed again and again and again, enjoying every little sound she made. "I should do this more often" she told herself as fell in love with the sounds of laughter. It was the most beautiful voice she had heard in a long time. The rest of the night passed by forgetting things that hurt and chersihing things that made her smile.

That's what Life seemed all about- Walking down that path fearlessly, allowing yourself mistakes and laughing! The silence that allows us to listen to the voices in our heart. If only we could let things be this simple throughout.

Friday, 10 February 2012

A Pot Full of Roses

Would somebody some day understand
That I don't like roses cut off from their roots
How is that at the least romantic
To give somebody something that's gonna die in a few days?

Its beauty that you can see, yet there is no life to it
You first kill a beautiful flower and then give it as a gift?
Oh no no. That's not what i want,
And you can call me weird when i say this,
but when you give me something, give me a pot full of roses
Give me a love that can grow as each day passes by
A rose that is beautiful and living, breathing its life
Give me a love that i can cherish as it grows
So please, don't ever give me a dying rose.
And one day i wish, my balcony will shine
With roses that grow old with me, roses that are mine
And one day i wish, my life will shine
With a man who understands, who's all mine..

I feel weird :P