Sunday, 22 January 2012


You burn in your self-ignited fire
You are burning yourself and there is nothing you want to do
Wake up now before its too late
for you will kill yourself and your loved ones too.

You hate for no reason, or a reason too weak
You hate in silence, you hate as you speak
You hate as you laugh, you hate as you smile
You hate as you say 'I Love You' once in a while.

Your hatred has killed, its killing so much more
You hate and you hate and you hate and then you snore
You can't laugh at their jokes, how will you sympathize when they cry
You burn in your fire and along with you they die.

Whats the point of a fire, that isn't needed at all?
Why torture yourself in pain when the troubles are so small?
Why make them hate when they love you too much?
Why hate when they smile, why hate when they touch?

Don't burn in this fire
Don't do this to you
You are just killing yourself
and your loved ones too.

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