Thursday, 14 July 2011

If I had just one wish that would surely come true
I'd awaken his heart who thinks violence is a solution
The man who bombs, and guns, and kills
I'd awaken him who has lost all compassion

I'd open his eyes to the suffering he has caused
To the tears of children, to the numbness of a mom
Who lost their parents and little kids
To the gruesome killings of his bloody bomb

I'd show him that he killed not just one when he shot him down
He killed all those beautiful lives that he had ever known
He killed his parents, his lovers and friends
When he killed one, he had killed a hundred by the end

I'd show him what a wreck he himself has become
Hiding from the world, scared of what he has done
I'd awaken him to the depths of his soul
An empty, barren place where he now stands alone

I'd awaken his heart that has been dead for too long
I'd awaken him to a mind that tells him he is wrong
I'd awaken his feelings that he hasn't been able to find
I'd awaken him to a new man who is sensitive and kind

If I had only one wish that would surely come true
I'd tell you brother, this is not really you
And within a fraction of a second, you would have been by my side
Preaching peace, love and compassion for the people worldwide.

Monday, 11 July 2011


Being my clumsy and irritable self, today I cried my heart out for no apparent reason. And when I was crying like a total idiot and shouting for things that weren't even important, when logic was lost from most of my words, I got that one thing I needed the most- a bear hug from Dad. That is when it struck- that moment I realized what a beautiful family I have. Its just so wonderful to have a Mom who hates to see tears in your eyes and a cute little Brother who gets all nice and sensitive when he sees that his elder sister is sad. When you realize how your family accepts even the worst in you, that is when you get to know how much they truly love you!

We don't need to do big things, its just the comfort that we feel when we realize that we are there for each other, all the time, no matter what. You realize how much warmth a family provides to you when no matter what beautiful place you are in, you always feel that longing to get home. I know it cause there have been times when I'm out on a holiday and though I may be having one hell of a time, a part in me is always counting backwards, waiting for the time when I'll get home. =)
Isn't it true that after having the most shitty day at school or work, or after having a fight, the only place where every person wants to go is home. To family. Home truly is heaven on earth.

You can wander all over the world, meet millions of people and yet still not find somebody who'll stay up the whole night taking care of you when you are not well. Not everyday you meet a wonderful person who wakes up at 4:30 in the morning just because you are finding it hard to sleep. It takes YEARS to find somebody who trusts us more than we trusts ourselves. A family tells you to hold on to your dreams when you start thinking they won't come true. They surely are the happiest people in the world when they see you happy. They are the kind of friends who'll go against the world just for you. A family is the greatest blessing. The gift God gave us on our very first birthday! =)

On a funny note- not everyday you can find somebody who can tolerate your singing! (specially when your voice is as bad as mine!). Its almost impossible to find somebody who thinks you look beautiful, even in the weirdest of clothes and the ugliest of pics. And yes, you'll hardly ever find anybody who is ready to put their life at risk to taste your cooking! =P

Love it!
Treasure it!
And never let it go!


Tuesday, 5 July 2011

5 Things To Do When You Can't Find A Blog Topic! :P

Since I have been experiencing the sadness of having absolutely NOTHING to write about, I thought why not write about this only..
You sit for hours in front of the computer, looking around at every random thing hoping that something in your brain clicks and off you can go with a whole new blog! But obviously that doesn't happen, why else would you be reading THIS blog? :P
So you log in to facebook, send every single person a chat message requesting nice topics for a blog and here's the first reply you get- "Write about Meeeeee :) :)" and then you think, mahn..this is going nowhere..
I know I know...
So let me help you again, after my tips on what to do when you are sleepy and even reasons to love the new cut offs, let me bring to you FIVE THINGS TO DO WHEN YOU CAN'T FIND A BLOG TOPIC!! :D

Visit the site. Its amazing, it just randomly generates a topic for you and then you can write about it. But I guess that won't work for you..if you didn't even listen to your best friends on facebook when they gave you oh-so-awesome topics, then why the hell would you use a damn topic generator. You'll just keep skipping each
By the way, my topic was- How to make your own keyboard. Yeah right, like I care!

2. One thing you can do is just pick up any random object and try writing something funny on it. Like right now I have my mobile in front of me and I can go like- Cell phones are so funny, just a small little piece of technology that is RULING our literally. Its almost like a remote that is controlling us..! Everybody feels that compulsive need to......Well, I think I am drifting from my current topic..But don't worry friends, that blog will be up too..someday..I guess.. But I am sure you are getting my point!

3. The third option I give is to wait for that sudden burst of ideas when EVERYTHING will start looking interesting and suddenly you'll be able to write about absolutely anything..!! Your brain will start running like a genius and you won't be able to stop! But..a tiny little disadvantage that comes from this superb idea of mine- nobody can really predict when this sudden burst of ideas could happen..
Could take a second, a minute, an hour, a day, a week, a month, an year, a decade, a century...Well I hope you get my point! :P

4. Write on how you feel when you don't have a blog topic. On the kind of crazy things you do to get one or the stupid ideas you get from people OR suggest to people, like I did, on what to do when they don't have a blog topic. Its a crazy idea but its fun! I am really enjoying writing this!! :D

5. Last but not the least (LOL!!)- This is the BEST option for lazy people like me. :P
Follow these steps-
1. switch off your comp.
2. have a nice glass of milk, tea, nimboo paani or anything.
3. lie on your bed.
4. close your eyes.
5. and sleep..!! 
Why the hell do you HAVE to write a blog when you can't even come up with a TOPIC!! Like really..just go to sleep..Good night! :)

And please comment! :)
Your opinion is important to me.. only as long as its a compliment! ;)