Wednesday, 22 June 2011

5 Reasons To LOVE The New Cut-offs!

This year its not just a cut-off, its a cut off that intends to cut our head off! LOL. Thanks for that Kriti Gandhi..

Being through that negetivity, passing through it and knowing people who are sick of all these too high cut offs, let me bring to you five reasons to absolutely LOVE them! This is gonna take more effort than it seems! HELP ME!!

1. Umm..First thing that comes to my idiotic brain is that the cut offs are just too high, it makes it hard for normal people like us to get into a damn good college. That means poore saal masti, padho bhi and jhak bhi maaro, enjoy the damn college ke festivals. And then its the same course for every college, end mein thappa bhi DU fark penda hai? Believe me, nahi penda..

2. Jitne zyada achche college mein jaegi utne zyada bhenge log milengey. Thats what my friend's friend told her and its so true. In a good sa college you'll find behenji type, total nerdy people who either rattofy their books or just study all day long. Get into a cool college and you'll find people just as AWESOME as you are, people with a LIFE! :D

3. Attendence, assignments ke peeche khoon choos jaate hai! :P Thats another line my friend said to me. A good college is almost as strict as school-- no bunking, be regular, submit the assignments on time..Did you just get out of school to get tied down like that again? I don't mean to say that don't study in whatever college you get into, but masti karna bhi toh banta hai na boss! ;)

4. Just think of it- that one padhaku girl who ignored your calls day and night, who studied twice as much as you did, who deleted her account on facebook because she had to study and who didn't go out for any parties- even she ended up in the same damn college as you did! Tumne toh poore saal masti kari, movies dekhi- tum dono hue na same hee level par.. All thanks to the cut offs! :P

5. And we are damn lucky. That is because we won't be giving the exams 20 years later. Future cut offs kuch aise honge- 100% aggregate, plus ECA quota, plus should know one sport, plus should have a minimum height of 5 feet and damn what not! Aren't we lucky we just have to get through with a 95? Haha..poor little cousins of mine, I feel so sorry for them.

I hope this was fun to you.
On a serious note- Please don't be too sad or worried about the cut offs, you'll get through with this. Have faith in God and yourself. Keep smiling and hamesha positive socho! :D

Thank You Maa and Puneet Dhaliwal for the help. Love you!


  1. hahahaha amzingss very amazing :P:P kya baat hai no1 wudav thot of it ..positive side !! :)

  2. ThankYouzz..Bada dimaag lagana padaa..
    Positive sochna is one hell of a difficult job! :P

  3. Cool it..!!