Monday, 2 May 2011

Nimboo Paani :)

Not a very long time back, when I used to go to school in the scorching Delhi Ki Garmiyaan, I remember waiting to go home to get a sip of a chilled glass of lemonade . Nimboo Paani, though, sounds so much more cuter! :)

The best thing about nimboo paani, I believe, is that any idiot can make it. I HATE cooking, some of my friends don't even know how to turn the gas on. A lemonade was created, discovered and invented for people like us! And if my guess is'nt wrong, BY people like us too. :P
For people who intentionally or unintentionally, consciously or unconsiously, due to some unresolved childhood conflicts or learned maladaptive behaviours (why do I have to put in psychology in everything?), uh, anyway, where was I? Yea, I was talking about that unique clumsy group of people of who just can't do without falling or tripping, in short hurting themsleves. Nimboo Paani, as it turns out, is that one divine drink that requires minimal effort, has the least possible chances of somebody getting hurt and giving the bestest product ever. I Love Nimboo paani. :D

Its got Vitamin C, its refreshing, its healthy, its sweet n sour, its THE best! :D

I wonder why people choose pesticides (as what I believe of Cold Drinks to be!) over the most delicious drinks ever like Lassi, Daab akka coconut water, juices and so much more! Hehe!

I think I should stop now, this has started to look like a product promotion thingy!

And remeber-

P.s.- I hope you keep enjoying your Nimboo Paani..! :)


  1. I am feeling thirsty and parched now. Time for some Nimboo Paani :-)


  2. Hehe! Its delicious, is'nt it? =)
    I'm gonna have some now too. =)

  3. You write well, long way to go. I was glad to read the article, simple and pretty.

  4. miss aakriti pasricha, you write really well!
    this piece is light and interesting!

    keep going! :)

  5. Miss Das, I am waiting for your blog since morning. Do you mind posting it? :P
    btw, ThankYou! :D

  6. hahahaha...well said!!
    and with each blog of just reiterate my belief about you...the belief that you are in love with psychology!!=D

    great going!!

  7. Hehe! You shoud'nt have ever doubted my love for psycho! Anyway Thanks re! =))