Friday, 6 May 2011

I guess there is no greater feeling in this world than the knowledge of the fact that you could bring a smile on somebody's face. :)

That you could make their life just a wee bit better than it was before. :)

That because of your kindness somebody's gonna be nice to the people around them. :)

Its sad that we fail to realize how our littlest of actions can make somebody's day. Isn't it true that a bear hug from dad can give the feeling that everything is just all right? Doesn't a smile from mom completely make your day? An 'I love you' from friends, a 'keep it up' from teachers are just the words I need to hear to keep me grinning all the time!

Funny but God made a beautiful world where indeed the best things are free. The thought just makes me smile. :)

So next time don't even think twice before giving a loved one a hug, a kiss; give a stranger your best smile, and yes, go about distributing chocolates to young kids on the street. They too need love.

The most amazing about giving out love, I believe, is the magic it creates. Not only it brightens up the day of the person who receives it but it also lightens up the very person who gives it away!

Yes indeed! Love is a wonderful feeling that binds us all together. Truth is, its the only thing that keeps the world going.


  1. shot from the gun of ur mind!! straight to my heart.........~~~ ~!!! good selection of topic must say... n well written my psycho darling :P:P

  2. Higher feelings comes only seldom, Very nice direction to work for. Little things cost nothing but means a lot.